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Best Electric Scooter Helmets

14 October 2021

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It’s one thing knowing that you should wear an electric scooter helmet, but it can be challenging to determine the best helmet for your scooting needs.

Regardless of where you reside and whether your local laws require helmet wearing, you need to protect your head if you’re riding an electric scooter.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but with conflicting legislation surrounding helmet usage and protective gear, many scooter riders are confused about whether they should wear one.

Still, it’s better to protect yourself and get the best-certified bike helmet for you at the end of the day.

Not every helmet can provide appropriate levels of protection.

So we have made it easier for you to decide with our handy guide on the best electric scooter helmets. 

We look at what shapes and types there are. Are there specific safety standards that electric scooter helmets must adhere to?

Does it matter whether you pick a motorcycle-style helmet or one that is fit for urban cycling when you are riding an electric scooter? Read on to learn the key things you need to look out for and find out the best helmet for your scooting needs.


What do I need to consider when looking for a helmet?


Firstly, you must pick a helmet that fits you, as ill-fitting helmets can be as dangerous as not wearing one at all.

Measure the circumference of your head and look for electric scooter helmets within that sizing category.

Another way you can avoid putting yourself at risk is by only buying a certified electric scooter helmet that complies with recognised safety standards. 

However, approved bike helmets do not prevent all concussions or other brain injuries, especially during slower crashes or crashes at oblique angles. That’s why you should also consider MIPS, which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System.

A MIPS helmet is constructed from two layers that rotate against each other, similar to the rotation of the brain’s own cerebrospinal fluid, which is the body’s natural defence against oblique impacts.

It’s also essential to ensure your bicycle helmet isn’t damaged if it has been in a crash or been dropped on a hard surface, then you should definitely buy a new one, even if the damage to it isn’t apparent.

What is the best type of helmet for me?

When choosing an electric scooter helmet, you need to consider both your speed and environment.

There is no unifying body providing information about this, but it is generally accepted that bicycle helmets are acceptable for low-speed rides, while a helmet offering full facial protection is best for higher speeds.

Choosing the right type of helmet is crucial to getting maximum protection.

The Right Helmet

  BSS, DOT, ECE 22.05 & Snell Standards

   Tight and secure fit

   Adequate ventilation

   Full face

   Purchased from a genuine retailler

The Wrong Helmet


   No recognised standards

   Not purchased from a bonafide/trusted retailer

   Push bike helmet

   Insufficient ventillation or padding

Consider your speed

Are you planning to go off-road with your electric scooter?

Reckon you will be riding at greater speeds than 20 mph (32 km/h)? Then an e-bike or motorcycle helmet will do the job.

Although much larger and heavier than the other types, full-face helmets are ideal for maximum protection on high-speed electric scooters or during journeys at higher speeds and in higher-risk environments.

You should keep in mind that motorcycle helmets reduce some of your peripheral vision due to the more protective style.

Being full-faced also means your face is protected from the elements — but of course, if you plan to ride your scooter in the suburbs or for long trips, you will probably not want the weight of a hefty helmet putting strain on your head, neck and shoulders.

Wearing a helmet is recommended. Even an impact at 15mph can cause significant brain injury.

How to choose the best electric scooter helmet?

 Safety or rating is the first and most crucial element to consider when looking for an electric scooter helmet. Specifically, keep an eye out for helmets that meet or exceed United States’ FMVSS218 helmet safety standards.

This one assesses various factors and elements of the helmet, including retention system qualities, the field of vision, shock absorption, and construction.

What’s more, it even assesses the quality of the chin strap to ensure that it provides support in the event of a collision.

Choosing the right safety rating.

 When it comes to any decent helmet, ventilation and ventilation holes are vital. After all, you don’t want to be riding about with a sweaty head.

The idea is that the ventilation holes allow the moisture, sweat, and heat to escape from the back of the lid.

At the same time, it funnels cool air via the front. The design can vary from helmet to helmet, ranging from larger rectangular openings to small circular holes.

Also, helmets with more air vents are usually cooler and lighter, but that might impact their protection levels. So, try to find a balance between being protected and keeping the head cool.

Ensuring the helmet has adequate ventilation

 An excellent electric scooter helmet should fit comfortably and snugly onto your head and provide the best possible coverage god forbid there is a collision.

Thus, you must take the time to correctly measure the circumference of your head and find the correct and suitable size.

A bike helmet that’s too small or too larger won’t actually protect your head since a small one will be uncomfortable, and a large one will keep shifting around.

Getting the right fit is very important for safety & comfort

Finally, a key element to the helmet’s overall comfort is the padding on the inner side of the lid.

This is what helps keep the helmet snug on your head without causing any irritation or sores over long periods of use.

What’s more, it even wicks sweat and keeps you feeling fresh by keeping your head cool, sweat-free and dry.

In some helmets, the padding is removable too, and some even provide extra padding in the box.

Padding gives that extra layer of comfort, especially on tight fits

Should I wear a full-face helmet for an electric scooter?

While it’s not necessary to wear a full-face helmet while riding an electric scooter, it will offer more protection in case of an accident or a collision.

Suppose you are primarily riding your scooter in an urban area. In that case, we recommend that you opt for full-face helmets because they’ll provide more protection in the crazed, traffic-ridden environment.

However, if you live in a suburban area where the streets are usually devoid of vehicles, there’s no need to go for full-face helmets or motorcycle helmets.

That said, always choose a helmet that you’re comfortable wearing 100% of the time.

Full face helmets offer the most protection in the event you come off or crash your scooter.

E-scooter and bike helmets are the same

There are currently no helmets explicitly made for electric scooters, so e-scooter and bike helmets are the same.

Not all helmets are created equal, so not every bicycle, mountain bike helmet or skateboard helmet will be suitable for your needs — but there will be one out there that is just right for you.

However, a regular bike helmet or those rated for bicycle safety standards will only protect you when riding your electric scooter below 20 mph and in low-risk conditions.

If you need a helmet to protect you at high speeds and in high-risk conditions, you should opt for a motorcycle helmet.

Here is a list of our favourite e-scooter helmets (In no particular order):

  1. The Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Bike Helmet
  2. The Triple Eight Dual Certified Helmet
  3. The S1 Lifer Helmet
  4. The Flybar Multisport Helmet
  5. Razor V17 Youth Multi-sport Helmet
  6. Lumos Matrix Helmet

1. The Thousand Adult Anti-Theft Bike Helmet



There are a few different models of the Thousand helmet.

The great thing about this helmet is that it really protects you and looks good while doing it.

This is the perfect helmet if you are looking for overall safety and want to look good while heading to the office on your e-scooter. 

It has a solid shell to keep you protected from falls and hits, yet the interior is lined with a plush material to keep your head cosy.

The best thing about this helmet is the anti-theft Pop-Lock that allows you to conveniently and safely leave the helmet with your electric scooter.

Available in 12 exciting shades, this helmet has everything going for it – safety and style.

The helmet boasts a low profile and vintage minimalist aesthetic that allows it to sit elegantly on your head while protecting it.

There is no compromise on safety with CPSC and EN1078 certifications. Thanks to the in-built low-profile visor, your eyes are protected from everything from the glare of the sun to flying debris.

The helmet has excellent ventilation with seven air holes that allow hot air to channel out and cool air to come in and keep your head dry.

It also has a clever magnetic fastener on the strap, which allows you to put it on and take it off quickly.



  Anti-theft guarantee

  Minimalist design

  Many colours 

  Triple certified

  Pop-hole for locking

  Lightweight helmet



   A bit pricey

2. The S1 Lifer Helmet

This electric scooter helmet is impressive for several reasons – the safety reliability of this helmet is excellent, with the fusion foam construction helping to shield your head from impacts.

The S1Lifer is also very comfortable; with the S1’s Deep Fit design, it sits lower than other helmets helping to enhance more comfort.

This great helmet is also certified to offer more protection from low force multiple impacts (ASTM Standard) and single high impacts (CPSC Certified).

So it will always keep you safe regardless of the conditions. The design comes in a variety of colours and finishes.



   High certified (Certified Multi-Impact [ASTM] and Certified High Impact [CPSC])

   Proven to be one of the safest helmets on the market


   Many colours


   Sometimes too small (best get the size up)

3. The Flybar Multisport Helmet

The Flybar is a lightweight yet practical electric scooter helmet suitable for both adults and kids.

It has a sturdy ABS shell for the ultimate safety protection and an EPS foam liner for comfort. It’s not a premium option, though, but a lightweight and good alternative to the expensive helmets.

Scooter riders love this bike helmet. This one is available in three different sizes.

For starters, the helmet features an ABS outer shell that can withstand heavy impacts and bumps.

What’s more, it’s comfortable too due to the plush inner EPS foam liner that also provides cushioning.

This very soft foam extends to the inserts, allowing the helmet to sit snugly on the head.

However, the best feature about this helmet is that it combines such high levels of protection with affordability.

The helmet comes in a host of vibrant colours and meets ASTM and CPSC safety-certified standards too. It’s also suitable for rollerblading, so it’s multifunctional.





   ASTM and CPSC certified

   Many colours

   Great fit for kids


    Not very sleek for urbanites

4. Razor V17 Youth Multi-sport Helmet

This electric scooter helmet is just brilliant and is an all-time favourite.

It’s great for electric scooter riders, but it is also suitable for going skating, biking, or just about any other sport involving wearing protective headgear.

It’s lightweight, and thanks to the high-impact, carbon fibre design, the helmet is reliable and durable, with excellent head protection.

The ergonomically designed helmet also ensures almost no wind resistance when you’re riding on your scooter. The Razor V17 provides a comfortable fit with its generous padding.

That means your head feels ideally suited for the helmet, and the padding forms itself around the shape of your head.

In addition, extra adjustable cheek pads are included for the sake of fitment.

The helmet also comes with adjustable straps and a secure buckle to ensure the helmet does not come off when you are on the move.

The helmet features 17 top and side vents to keep your head cool on hot days. There is also a wide selection of fun colours.


   Stylish and comes in many colours and sizes

   Adjustable strap with side release buckles

   Lightweight and durable

   Ergonomically designed padding, plus additional sizing pad set

   17 vents

   Head sizes it fits: 22 to 23.5 inches; appropriate for ages 8 to 14

   CPSC certified helmet


    None from our point of view

5. The Lumos Helmet – with integrated LED’s for night riding

These LED electric scooter helmets have improved rider visibility in poor conditions and at night by integrating LEDs on both the front and back of the helmets.

The Lumos comes in 3 different models with slight variations; we dissect the additional features below.


Lumos Original

Lumos is a brand known for next-generation bike helmets that address the issues of riders’ safety.

Featuring integrated brake and turn signal lights, the KICKSTART bike helmet will help you be visible from all angles.

Turn signals are activated by a wireless remote, while brake lights are activated automatically thanks to the built-in accelerometer, which senses when you’re braking.

The Lumos Original has bright red lights in the back and white ones in the front, which will guarantee a safer ride.

Furthermore, it has built-in accelerometers so that you have functioning brake lights. It’s a firm favourite.


Lumos Street

Lumos Street is a bit simpler than the Matrix and only has three LED stripes integrated into the back of the helmet.

White LEDs at the front and red ones at the back dramatically increase your visibility at night, increasing your safety. It gets even better; accelerometers built into the helmet detect acceleration and braking; when braking is detected, the back of the helmet glows brighter.

Turns can be indicated by blinking arrows, which point out the intended direction of the turn. It comes highly recommended.


The Lumos Matrix

The popular Lumos brand now has an upgraded model.

The Matrix has a more extensive LED Panel at the back of the helmet – with which you can even programme your backlighting modes. It has handlebar-mounted wireless turn indicators and 10-hour battery life, and the best part is that the Lumos Matrix weighs a mere 580g.

That’s extremely light when you consider the amount of tech and safety features included. The helmet can also connect to the Lumos App and share data with Apple Health/Google Fit.

To top it all, the Lumos helmets also carry a host of Safety Certifications – CPSC/F1492/EN1078/AS2063. The Lumos guarantees – safety, cool tech features, and style. What’s not to love?



   Stylish Front and Rear LEDs


   Lumos App

   Turn Signal Indicator

   MIPS available


    On the pricey side

Always Wear A Helmet!

Whether you ride a Xiaomi M365 or a Kugoo G2, a Dualtron 3 or a Mercane MX60, whatever you ride – wear a helmet!

A fall at 10mph is enough to leave you with life changing injuries if you hit your head against solid concrete.

Riding electric scooters – brings with it responsibility as well as being courteous wherever you may ride. 

Even a basic helmet will offer your head that vital protection should you have an accident.

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