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Dualtron Ultra Review

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A beast of a trail scooter that has a top speed of around 50 MPH and a range of up to 74 miles

A crowd favourite, the Dualtron Ultra has all the bells and whistles of the Dualtron Thunder, but at a fraction of the cost and in a significantly lighter frame.

With its chunky knobbly tyres, this scooter is the perfect off-road trail master.


Dualtron Ultra Electric Scooter The Lowdown…


This electric scooter features a dual suspension unit and powerful disc brake system on each wheel, making it the master of off-road and on-road riding.

Whether you are after speed thrills or a fast way to get to the office, the Dualtron Ultra has you covered.

This powerhouse has a top speed of 50mph and a range of up to 74 miles. Can it get better than that? Read on to find out more about the Dualtron Ultra electric scooter.


Dualtron X Specifications

Motor 5400W BLDC dual hub motor
Battery  High capacity 60V 34.5Ah 2072Wh LG battery
Charge Time 17+ hours when using 2A charger, 8+ hours on two 2A chargers, and 5+ hours on a 6.5A rapid charger
Single-Charge Mileage 74 miles (real world results dependant of weight of the rider)
Max Speed 50 MPH (top speed is dependent on the weight of the rider)
Climbing Range 70% or 35 degrees (varies depending charge state and weight of the rider)
Braking System Recuperative dual hydraulic disc (140 mm) brake system
Tyres 11 x 3.9 inches (off-road pneumatic, inflated to 50 psi)
Lighting LED headlights and taillights(dual)
Max Load 260 lbs. (150 kgs)
Scooter Weight 81 lbs. (37 kgs)
Product Material Aviation grade aluminum alloy 6082-T6(frame and handle), SCM440(shafts), and polypropylene(covers)
Suspension Double torsion bar with a rubber block system
Size (L x W x H, cm) Unfolded: 47.4 x 24 x 50 inches

Folded: 47.4 x 24 x 20.2 inches

Water Resistance IP54 Rating


Dualtron Ultra Review Video


Check out the Ultra eating up off-road terrain!

A 1 year warranty and exceptional customer service make this a great choice of scooter.


Dualtron Ultra Pros


  The scooter performs excellently both on and off-road

The aluminium alloy frame is rugged and durable

  The massive battery gives you a long range.

  Superior suspension system

  Bright, powerful LED lighting

  Wide tyres offer good stability

  Dual motors give the scooter incredible climbing power

  1 Year Warranty

Dualtron Ultra Cons


  Weighing over 80lbs, portability is an issue

  There is some stem wobble

  The Ultra does not come with ABS

Dualtron Ultra Summary


Whether you are a scooter enthusiast, or simply looking for a quick and fun way to travel, the Dualtron Ultra is here for you. This scooter has a fantastic design. The ergonomically made and rubberized handlebars offer tight grips, while the fitted controls are easily reachable without moving your hands off the handlebars. The deck has enough allowance to ride while standing or seated.

The dual rubber suspension unit, together with its wide wheels, ensures that you enjoy smooth on-road and off-road rides. The 2072Wh battery gives this electric scooter an impressive range of up to 74 miles, making this electric scooter your ideal long-distance travel companion.

Two BLDC motors power the Dualtron Ultra with a combined max power of 5400W. The dual motors deliver tremendous power which enables you to easily ascend nearly any gradient you might encounter.

The dual disc braking system on the Dualtron Ultra is firm and responds fast. They deliver enough braking power to stop this scooter at its maximum speed of 50 mph almost instantly.

This scooter weighs 81 lbs, which might be considered a little heavy for a scooter. The Dualtron ultra has an excellent folding mechanism but is not as portable as other electric scooters.

This scooter has several riding modes to fit your riding style. Some of these modes include speed adjustment, cruise control, and an option to choose between single and dual riding modes.


Performance Overview


Powered by dual 2700W hub brushless DC motors and a massive battery, the Dualtron Ultra is a powerful beast.

The two motors push this scooter to an exceptional max speed of 50 mph and can easily ride on inclined surfaces. The dual suspension ensures excellent shock absorption irrespective of the terrain.

The Dualtron scooter has the option of single or dual-wheel drive. Of course, the single drive gives a much better range when compared to the dual wheel drive.

Speed & Acceleration


Two strong BLDC motors power the Dualtron Ultra scooter, pushing it to a top speed of 50mph. The acceleration of this scooter is rapid and consistent. The dual motors share the load to deliver massive power and torque to conquer most of the terrain you might encounter.

Even when starting from a complete stop, neither the load nor the terrain affects this scooter’s speed and acceleration. The scooter comes fitted with off-road tyres. While these tyres are aggressive and best for off-road, they are bumpy and noisy on paved roads. You may need to acquire a pair of on-road tyres for a better riding experience (sold separately).


    Top Speed


    There is no denying the Dualtron Ultra boasts exceptional performance. Hardly breaking a sweat, this is an electric scooter that can reach a top speed of up to 50 mph, which is very fast on such a nimble beast.


      Hill Climbing


      The Dualtron Ultra can easily climb gradients up to 70% or 35 degrees depending on rider weight and state of charge but again this will vary heavily depending on rider weight.


      Battery & Range

      The Dualtron Ultra boasts of a Li-Ion 60V 35 Ah 2072 Wh battery. This energy-dense battery gives this scooter a range of 74 miles, which is impressive given its weight and load limit.

      When on single-wheel drive and riding at a moderate and constant speed, the range extends to 90 miles or more. That’s quite a lot of distance: enough to move between towns in some cases.

      The downside to this big battery is its charging time. It takes over 17 hours to fully charge using the standard charger provided. To shorten the charging time, you will need to buy a second standard charger, or for the quickest charging time – a fast charger.


      Motor Configuration


      The Dualtron Ultra has remarkable performance. It has an outstanding top speed of 50mph—this kind of performance results from the dual electric motors.

      The motors have a combined max power of 5400 watts. 

        Construction & Quality


        Aviation-grade aluminium alloy makes up the frames, handles, and shaft of the Dualtron Ultra. It is built for performance, strength and durability.

        The Dualtron Ultra is one tough electric scooter, as countless riders and user reviews will attest to. There are videos of owners having travelled distances of thousands of miles with almost zero issues.

        Putting this scooter through it’s paces, you will be hard pressed to find a tougher competitor at a similar price point.


        Suspension & Comfort


        The Dualtron Ultra suspension features a double torsion bar with a rubber block system.

        This system has a movement allowance of five inches, ensuring the best shock absorption on the roughest of terrains. The wide air-inflated wheels top up the suspension power while allowing enough play area between the ground and the scooter’s under-board.

        This suspension system compares to that of the SW IV scooter. The SW IV has a front spring and a rear dual adjustable air shock-absorption system, which delivers the same efficiency as that of the Dualtron Ultra.



        Ride Quality


        The Dualtron Ultra has several features that enable it to have excellent ride quality. First, it comes with two tire options: off-road and on-road. Each pair ensures you get the best ride while on or off the road. The wheels are wide to increase the stability and agility of this scooter.

        Secondly, the dual suspension system offers incredible shock absorption. You get to enjoy your rides with minimal hits, especially when you take this electric scooter off-road. The Ultra’s acceleration is fast and consistent, with matching powerful brakes for speed control and abrupt stopping.

        Finally, this is a long-distance travel scooter. No one wants to hold on the throttle for 74 miles. It’s just too tiresome. This scooter has a cruise control function that enables you to set a constant cruising speed. The cruise control not only extends battery life but also makes the ride more pleasant and enjoyable.

        You can also get a seat for $150 to further enhance your riding comfort.


        The Dualtron Ultra features a Dual hydraulic 140 mm disc braking system.

        Electric brakes back up this disk braking system, delivering enough braking to counter the powerful motors. The brake levers on the handlebars operate the rear and front brakes. Since the disc brakes are highly responsive, the hand-operated levers enable you to regulate the braking power smoothly.

        However, this scooter is not fitted with ABS technology rendering the braking system less effective than other models.




        The Dualtron Ultra weighs 81lbs. For a portable scooter, the weight is not ideal. However, high-performance scooters tend to be heavier due to the large batteries and heavy motors.

        Furthermore, the weight helps to keep the scooter stable and give the wheels a better grip on the ground.

        This scooter has an easy folding and unfolding mechanism. You can easily collapse the stem for quick storage. When lifting the scooter, you should use both hands to distribute its weight evenly.



        The Dualtron Ultra comes installed with front and rear LED lights and brake lights. The light controls are conveniently placed on the handle-bars. The headlights and taillights are super bright. 

        Riding in the dark is not a problem with the Ultra because the headlights illuminate the road ahead clearly. The taillights make the scooter visible to trailing drivers.

        Unfortunately, the Dualtron Ultra lacks turn signal lights, but they can be purchased as an add-on accessory. 



        The tyres on the Dualtron Ultra measure 11×3.9 inches. They are big and wide for a reason. First, the power and speed of this scooter requires excellent stability and control. The wide wheels improve not only the scooter’s stability but also its balance and ride comfort.

        Secondly, they lift the deck higher from the ground. This extra space gives the suspension room to move without the lower side hitting the ground. 

        The Dualtron Ultra comes fitted with knobby off-road tyres, which as the description implies, are more suited for off-road conditions. But sadly, the off-road wheels offer a horrible on-road experience. You may need to switch them out for the dedicated on-road tyres, which can be purchased separately.




        The deck handles the rider’s weight perfectly while maintaining stability. 

        The Daulton Ultra’s expansive deck is well balanced on the wheels and is spacious enough to fit all feet sizes.

        There is a robust retractable kickstand for supporting the scooter when stationary.




        The Dualtron EYE LCD is a multifunctional display fitted in all Dualtron series scooters. It allows you to check the time, speed, battery voltage status, and mileage. It also shows you an error message when a significant component of the Dualtron Ultra becomes faulty.

        The LCD enables you to adjust the ride settings and modes of your scooter. A major con to this display is the use of codes to represent different settings and modes. To easily select the correct mode, you may need to memorize the functions’ labels or have the user manual with you.


        Build Quality


        The Dualtron Ultra has a rugged feel. The deck is strong enough to comfortably carry 120 kilograms at a top speed of 50mph. The aluminium alloy is tough as nails, and guarantees the rider strength and safety while riding in the roughest of terrains.

        The dual suspension system allows for a smooth, near bump-free ride experience. In addition, the wide tyres are perfect for this scooter as they complement the motors’ power by increasing stability. This scooter has more power and better performance than that of its less high-end predecessors.




        The Dualtron Ultra is a reliable electric scooter. This scooter has a quality build and an elegant design. The aluminium alloy deck covered with polypropylene gives you the confidence of the scooter’s durability.

        While many scooters have a six-month warranty on selected parts, this scooter’s parts have a one-year warranty. This warranty further proves the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

        The Ultra has many riders raving about all the plus boxes that this scooter ticks. There are many positive reviews, with most riders citing its reliability even after riding for thousands of miles.


        Water Resistance


        While the Dualtron Ultra has IP54 water and dust resistance rating, the manufacturer cautions you to avoid riding in overly wet conditions. The scooter has a waterproof battery compartment, but water may find a way in if you regularly ride through puddles and standing water.

        To reduce the possibility of water damage, dry the scooter with a clean cloth every time you have ridden in the rain or wet areas.


        Warranty & Customer Support


        The Dultron Ultra has a 1 year warranty on all faults. The customer service and support is also faultless from this brand.




        The Dualtron Ultra is a high-end electric scooter. The thoughtful design of the parts that need regular attention make it easy to perform maintenance. For instance, the tire assembly slides out quickly when a couple of bolts on the wheels are unfastened. The following maintenance practices will give your Dualtron Ultra a long service life:

        Before and after driving:

        • Check the braking system’s status- ensure the levers operate well, replace worn-out brake pads, and check any possibilities of a damaged brake cable. Tighten any loose braking parts. Kindly remember that riding such a powerful scooter with a broken braking system is definitely not recommended.
        • Wipe the brake discs with a clean, dry cloth to eliminate chirping noises and improve the braking grip.
        • Keep the tyres inflated to their recommended pressure. Ensure the rear and front tyres are in good condition.
        • Properly tighten the handles and the folding parts.
        • Check and replace worn-out parts such as the rubber in the suspension unit.
        • Check the display for any error messages.
        • Follow the user guide for regular maintenance practices such as tyre change and brake adjustments.
        • Frequently visit repair shops for a professional assessment of the electric components.

        Scooter safety checklist:

        • Throttle-check if the throttle lever is functioning properly.
        • Folding parts-check for fatigue damage; repair and replace accordingly.
        • QR lever and slider-ensure the QR lever and slider are tightly fitted for a firm stem. If there is a gap between the slider and the headset nut, consider repairing it.

         Maintenance of the Li-Ion battery:

        • Only use a genuine charger
        • Avoid riding or storing the scooter in extreme temperatures.
        • Charge 70-80% before storing for long periods of time.
        • In case of overheating, discontinue use or charging immediately. 


        Known Issues


        The Dualtron Ultra has a proven performance record. Among the Dualtron scooters, only the Dualtron X, Thunder, and Ultra 2 rival its performance and power on and off-road. The following are the Dualtron Ultra’s known issues:

        • A let-down is that the dual disc braking system is not strong enough to stop the Dualtron Ultra in quick succession. Regular high-speed riders have reported fast brake wear. Additionally, regular checks have to be done to ensure the efficiency of the braking system.
        • The LCD display complexity makes intuitive setting difficult.
        • Security of this scooter- Unless you use a physical lock to secure the scooter, there is nothing to stop someone from stealing it. Unlike the Thunder with its fingerprint lock, the Ultra has no inbuilt security feature.
        • Stem wobble- This is a fault from the design of the Dualtron scooters’ folding mechanism. The handlebars are slightly loose because of the position of the folding mechanism on the stem. Once used to it however, riders hardly notice it, nor consider it a deal breaker.

        Dualtron Ultra: Is it worth the money and is it worth buying?


        The short answer is definitely yes!

        If you are needing a tough and reliable electric scooter for your daily commute, fit road tyres, and be amazed at the comfortable ride, and the fantastic long distances you can achieve with the Ultra.

        For that adrenaline boost, you simply cannot go wrong with this electric scooter. It will eat up most off-road terrains that you throw at it. Inclines, dips, gulleys, rough tracks… The Dualtron Ultra will dominate them. It’s a really comfortable ride, so you can spend a bit more focus on having fun, while this scooter’s supporting features and level of safety, totally has your back

        • 5The scooter performs excellently both on and off-road
        • 5The amazing battery provides outstanding range
        • 5The aluminium alloy frame is rugged and durable
        • 5Wide tyres and excellent suspension provide great stability
        • 5Bright & powerful LED lighting
        • 5Climbs up to 35 degree inclines easily
        • 5The scooter is relatively expensive
        • 5The scooter weighs over 80lbs, making it difficult to carry around
        • 5For its price point, the brakes could have included ABS
        • 5There is some stem wobble
        Where to buy the Dualtron Ultra
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