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Pure Electric manufacture a range of high-quality scooters which are sold across various global and UK outlets. Pure Electric have been around for more than 3 years and have evolved their range of pure air scooters. Their scooters are typically commuter and general use scooters with average performance metrics ranging from 350w to 500w. Pure Electric scooters offer a 12 month warranty with their scooters.

They developed their own range of scooters, testing different motor types, motor and hub configurations and have worked to make their range of scooters more efficient all round with superior hill climbing abilities.

Pure Electric have focused on making scooters that are affordable yet do not compromise on quality – they use high-quality components including Samsung high capacity lithium-ion batteries in their ranges.

If you are looking for a range of reliable, robust scooters look no further than Pure Electrics pure air range.

Are pure air scooters good?

We’ve tested the pure air and pure air pro. We found the pure air pro to be much better thanks to the larger battery capacity and improved motor power output. Overall we found the build qualities of Pure Electric scooters to be good and have had trouble-free riding.

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