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Weped Brand

The Weped brand originates from Korea and was founded 6 years ago. The Weped brand is known globally with various manufacturers producing scooters for Weped US, UK, Europe and Asia.

The Weped brand is synanomous with quality however over the years there has been some disputes due to the branch off of the NUMO brand. The NUMO brand effectively produced a scooter that looked exactly the same as a WEPED which lead to licensing issues.

The official WEPED brand can be found in various countries across the globe.

In general, Weped scooters are associated with high end performance, larger price tags and speed. Even base models start from £3000 ($3500+) depending on where in the world you are.

Weped uses global electric scooter distributors to sell their models.

The Weped lineup includes the SMAX, Fold, FF, GT 50(SST) and the FS.

Out of the box warranty is 12 months on electronic components. Each warranty will come down to the supplier in your country.


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